Blast Movement Technologies (BMT) provides a unique solution to accurately measure
3-dimensional blast movement, significantly increasing ore yield, allowing you to ‘Get More’ from your resource.

Over 65 customers in mining operations of varying sizes, commodities, and geographies are currently using BMT’s solution to make better decisions regarding ore and waste movement. Know More. Get More.


How it works

BMT provides highly valuable information to mining customers for making decisions on increasing ore yield. More >

The BMM System

BMT delivers a material increase in ore yield within a very short timeframe. More >

About Us

BMT is a world leader in remote sensing technology that increases ore yield, profits to shareholders, and better utilises the world’s precious natural resources. More >

“… this is one of those technologies that we cannot afford to ignore. If only a fraction of the advantage calculated can be realized, we are talking tens of millions of dollars.”

Evert van den Brand, former Executive VP-Operations, Placer Dome.

Our Customers

Blast Movement Technologies (BMT) provides a complete solution to accurately measure and track 3-dimensional blast movement.






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