Finally! A Proven Way to Get More Revenue From Your Resource…

…By Reducing Ore Loss And Dilution.

If you’re not using this advanced technology to account for blast movement, you’re at risk of throwing away massive quantities of extractable resources. The net result of using the BMM System is significantly more saleable product with minimal cost increase.

Paul Adams of Canada’s Porcupine Joint Venture states…

“[because we] can now predict ore movement much more accurately, both dilution and ore loss have decreased significantly, and profits are up.”

This explains in a nutshell why you need to investigate the BMM System as a viable solution to one of the biggest problems mining companies face: Ore loss and dilution and the resultant shortfall in projected revenue.

Ore control is not complete until you’ve accounted for blast movement!

Fortunately, Blast Movement Technologies has the “balls” to ensure you know where your valuable ore ends up after blasting.

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Tech Info: How the technology works